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Can any reviews be trusted?

Posted by: Ethicas Global
Dec 21,2017 at 09:13 am


Fake London Restaurant most recommended restaurant in London

A London based writer for the Vice magazine, decided to test how effective TripAdvisor's rating system was.

Creating the totally fake restaurant "The Shed" (which was literally his shed), and creating 5 star food made from every day items like shaving foam (one dish even featured his foot!), the writer asked his friends to give glowing reviews on the TripAdvisor's website.

Over the following weeks the restaurant slowly climbed the ranks of the most recommended restaurants in London, spending 2 weeks as number 1.

When bookings were made, the writer postponed their attendance claiming to be fully booked up for the next number of weeks.

This is another great example of how easy it is to manipulate reviews, the very reason why Ethicas® has created the review verification system.

Read the full article here on: Huffington Post

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