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Become a Ethicas® Ambassador!

An Ethicas® Ambassador is an official envoy of Ethicas®

As an Ethicas® Ambassador, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a completely honest and ethical manner as you are being endorsed by Ethicas® for having the highest possible standards in your industry.

Ethicas® Ambassador Badge

To qualify as an Ethicas® Ambassador

  • Be a member of the Ethicas® in good standing
  • Consistently hold the highest degree of ethics
  • Join 12 new members to the Ethicas®
  • Join a minimum of 12 newEthicas® members each year
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics

Benefits of being a Ethicas® Ambassador

You will receive a coveted “Ethicas® Ambassador” badge for your website and a special ambassador profile on the Ethicas® website. More importantly, your work as an ambassador will be compensated as you will be helping market Ethicas® and increase the exposure of Ethicas® certified businesses.

Ambassador Application Form

Are you Ethicas® ready?

Only $297pa plus local tax