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Ethicas® Vision

To see hard-working, ethical businesses being given the recognition and profit they deserve for delivering on their marketing promises whilst giving consumers an option to use a business that has a clearly demonstrated history of honest trading.

Ethicas® Mission

Ethicas® provides businesses with the ability to show with a simple glance, that they are honest and ethical and can be trusted to follow through on their advertised standards. Ethicas<® also provides a straightforward process for consumers to make informed choices when making purchasing decisions and a simple way to report a business who acts dishonestly.

Honesty Deserves RecognitionTM

The Founders

Alan Chapman and Robert von Pirch have run businesses for many years. In the last few years they have seen too many people lose money, sometimes their entire business, when dealing with other dishonest businesses.

We have seen many businesses making claims that we know are false and misleading but the unsuspecting consumer does not. The result is that the dishonest business makes money, innocent people get ripped off, ethical companies don’t win new business and the whole industry gets a bad name.

We’ve had enough.

It’s time to say, “I’m ethical, I’m honest and I can prove it.”

Ethicas® Logo | Not to be copied

Ethicas® Logo

The symbol that makes up our Logo and our Badge is a stylised silhouette of Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Honesty, Truth, Justice, Morality and Law.

Maat represents everything that Ethicas stands for.

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Ethicas® Global Pty Ltd is an Australia registered company since 2016 with our head office in Perth Western Australia.

Ethicas®, the logo and the badge are registered trademarks and therefore prohibited to be copied in any way without authorisation in writing.
Honesty Deserves RecognitionTM is a trademark of Ethicas® Global

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