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Don’t trust online reviews?

Neither do we and you are right to not trust them!

Did you know, you can buy online reviews for as little as $3 and even go onto a monthly plan where you get 30 fake reviews every month?

It is all too easy to fake good reviews these days which makes it virtually impossible to tell which reviews are real and which are not.

Worse still, people are using fake reviews in an attempt to damage a business’ reputation and even blackmail and extort money from them by threatening to post hundreds of bad reviews on their business’ page if they don't pay.

That’s why all reviews submitted on Ethicas® are verified by a real person before being shown on your business’ profile.

As an Ethicas® certified business, your customers can trust your company’s reviews.

Find an Ethicas® Certified Business

Tired of guessing who to trust when engaging with a new business?

You can find an Ethicas® certified business and be confident in your choice as they are following the Ethicas® Code of Ethics

In the unlikely event that an Ethicas® certified business does something that breaches that Code of Ethics, they can be reported easily and if found to have breached the code, they will be removed from the site immediately.



What if you were able to recognise an honest business at a glance?

Only honest businesses will be allowed to display our Ethicas® badge.

The badge represents a business that has agreed to operate under the Ethicas® Code of Ethics.

When you see the Ethicas® badge displayed on a website you will know that you are dealing with a business that has agreed to be honest, trustworthy and accountable

If the code of ethics is breached, a situation we have yet to find ourselves in, there is a clear and straightforward way of reporting the business at fault.

Should the report be substantiated, the business will be deregistered from our directory and the Ethicas® Badge will be removed from their website immediately.

Introducing the Ethicas® Certified Badge.

The badge is powerful, it’s a statement of trust and honesty.

Are you Ethicas® ready?

Only $297pa plus local tax